Food Safety

Western Pacific Produce strives to be a leader in food safety practices. We begin with the seed, irrigation water and fertilizers used, the ranch and harvest crew involved, all the way to the cooler and to the customer. We employ two full time micro-biologists who manage the on-site laboratory. This year we received a 98% score from Primus Laboratories. We place our focus on health and safety concerns in all facets of our operation. In order to gain your trust in our product, we are committed to making safety our highest priority. 

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Commitment to Food Safety

Western Pacific Produce has always been the leader in food safety practices. We place our focus on food safety concerns in all facets of our operation. In order to gain your trust in our product, we are committed to making food safety our highest priority.

Western Pacific Produce employs its own team of full time quality control inspectors. This means that all the produce grown at all of our locations is checked by full time professionally trained staff, ensuring the quality of produce we send to market is as high as possible.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) are guidelines designed by FDS and USDA to produce safe products and eliminate potential for product contamination. They key contents of GAP guidelines, such as sanitation, employee hygiene, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), irrigation water quality, safe manure and pesticides, and post harvest handling of produce, are compiled in a GAP manual.

At Western Pacific Produce we implement GAP a few ways. Our irrigation water is tested regularly to make sure that the water is free of any pathogens or high loads of undesirable microorganisms. Our ranches are continuously examined to make sure that they are not close in proximity to feed lot, sewer treatment plants and garbage disposal sites.

We have an accurate and detailed traceability program. The produce can be tracked back to the harvest field, harvest crew, cooling equipment and shipping truck immediately.

All of our harvest equipment is sanitized every day using a mobile sanitation unit.

All planting, growing, harvesting, packing and cooling employees are trained according to their various job functions. Food safety sessions are conducted by qualified professionals and documented. All produce handlers are trained twice a year for hygiene and GMP (good manufacturing practices). Good Manufacturing Practices include proper use of toilets, washing and sanitation of hands after each break and use of toilets.

All compsost prepared according to the State and Federal guidelines are used at Western Pacific Produce. The compost is tested for pathogens before it is applied to the farms. We also meet or exceed all state and federal guidelines in all aspects of our organization.

Every department of our operation is audited annually by Third Parties to make sure GAP guidelines are followed.

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